Come be a part of history! Volunteer with us...

Our Volunteers play a key role in the organization: together they donate thousands of hours each year. They represent all different backgrounds and ages, and are as young as 18.

Each volunteer has the common goal to "Preserve the Past for Future Generations." You can contribute in many ways, as we have many different areas where you can help.

No matter which area you choose, you'll receive, among other things, unlimited train rides during our regular operating season just by showing your membership card to the Ticket Agent.

To join the New Jersey Museum of Transportation, download an application (below). Once you've printed it and filled it out, please bring it, along with payment, to the ticket office at the park to receive your membership card.

For more information on these opportunities, including a tour of the facilities, please contact Idella LuBrant at (732) 927-0013, or call the office on the weekends to speak with a volunteer.

Volunteering is not just about running the train. Many other skills are needed, including but not limited to:

  • Mechanical work
  • Office work
  • Ticket/Retail Sales
  • Station Attendants